WELCOME to the Town of Mina, Findley Lake, New York

Sewer Project

There are several documents that the Town Board has had the opportunity to share with the public so that you may be a better informed citizen and have a convenient source of useful information. 

The following documents listed to the right are viewable/downloadable in .pdf format.

Sewer Project Documents

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for Phosphorous in Findley Lake
The Cadmus Group Inc. - July 2008

~ The State of Findley Lake
Chautauqua County Department of Health & SUNY Fredonia Department of Geosciences - January 2002

~ The Managment Plan for Findley Lake and Its Watershed
Findley Lake Watershed Foundation (formerly Findley Lake Property Owners Association) - Janaury 2022

~ Engineering Report on Findley Lake Sewerage Project, Sewer District Formation Map, Plan and Report
Greenman Pedersen, Inc. - January 2017

~ Sources of Unwanted Nutrients at Findley Lake
SUNY Fredonia - March 2007

~ Mandatory Inspection Program for Lakeshore Instie Waste Treatment Systems
Chautauqua County Department of Health & Human Services, Environmental Health Unit - January 2017

~ Water Quality Task Force Recommendations
Chautauqua County Water Quality Task Force - March 2007

~ Town of Mina Sewer Project Overview

Rebecca Brumagin, Town Supervisor - July 2015

~ Town of Mina Sewer Engineering RFP 2021